Hi All, Cathy and I have been working Dreamy Daylilies since 2012. That was when we retired from our “real lives” and moved to Blenheim for the purpose of relaxing and enjoying our what we thought would be a well deserved period of relaxation. Dreamy Daylilies was a hobby that we hoped would pay for itself. It has proven to be evidence that people enjoy the pretty faces, ease of maintenance and joy of daylilies just as we did and do. To you, our customers we offer a heart felt thank you and “Happy Gardening” wish as we close up shop and retire from our retirement activity. We are moving away from this daylily farm and into a city lot that we hopefully will find a joy to maintain. Naturally we decided to take some of our favourite daylilies with us. Cathy was to chose 25 and I was to chose 25. The ones in common were a no-brainer and then we would dicker about what else to take. I am very pleased to say that after identifying each of our favourite 25’s we have a list of 93 plants !!! And that is not counting the new hybrids that we are seeing for the first time this year. Darn those pretty faces. Anyway, the point of this message is to advise all of you, our wonderful friends who decided to reward our efforts with your orders that we are closing Dreamy Daylilies. August 16th, 2020 will be our last day for accepting orders. Thank you, Stay safe, Happy Gardening, Cathy & Giles