Hi all.

A couple of updates to let you know about.  Cathy and I were trying do decide how long we were going to be doing this for a while now.  With advancing age, and many creaking bones, we have decided that this year – 2020 – would be our last.

It has been fun, a lot of work & allowed us to meet many wonderful people.

We will be putting our home up for sale this year and hopefully finding one that is more suitable to our current lifestyle needs.  Will the new owners wish to continue the Dreamy Daylilies business – that remains to be seen.  We hope so, but that is their decision.

Happy Gardening,

Cathy & Giles


This spring has not been kind.  We have had so much rain, that we delayed our planned opening weekend to June 28 through July 1.  That also necessitated a postponement of a previously scheduled group visit (sorry ladies! )

The excessive moisture and lack of sunshine has impacted the plants in that bloom scape production is delayed (none that I have seen as of June 14).  Typically, some of the extra early bloomers have shown their faces by now.

We are looking forward to seeing some new hybrids in our last bed (2016 seedlings).

Hopefully the summer of 2019 will be better that the spring was.

Happy Gardening all!


Hi!  2017 is off to a hot, dry start for us  – Yes, lots of rain earlier in the spring, but nothing just before we opened.  That is probably a good thing.  Hindsight is such a wonderful thing.  When we added the three new beds our first thought was that they were a bit to high.  Not a big thing right!?  Wrong, because the beds were built by scrapping some dirt from the aisles and dumping it on the beds.  Well now we know for sure that a bit too much was scrapped off.  The end result is that when we get a heavy rain, we need canoes to go up and down the last three aisles.  One customer suggested that we invest in gondolas and offer gondola garden tours!  We will work on this.

Anyway, because of the mild winter and early spring, many of last years Display Only cultivars have multiplied nicely and are now part of our offerings to you, our customers.  Also, many of those have more fans than anticipated, so we have reduced the prices on a lot of them.

In 2017 we are looking forward to seeing a number of our 2014/15 seedlings bloom – very exciting!

We look forward to seeing and talking with you all.  Come see us, look at some daylilies, and chat!!

Happy gardening !

Cathy & Giles


In an effort to make things easier for our customers, we are now accepting payment by Visa or Mastercard.    If you wish to order online and pay by credit card, please complete and submit your order without payment using our shopping cart process.  We will subsequently email you to confirm your order and to make arrangements for a phone call and process your credit card payment at that time.

In 2014, we added three new raised beds giving us a total of 9, each of them about 185 feet (60 metres) long.  In 2014 and 2015 we populated beds 7 & 8 with 115 new cultivars.  As of now (Dec 2015) forty of these are displayed throughout our general listings with most available on a single fan basis due to their limited supply.  The other seventy-five are currently listed in the “Display Only” classification.  In 2016 we are expecting all of these to bloom, and at that time, we can confirm that they are true to name.  We will then publish their pictures, as they bloom within our gardens, and make them available for your acquisition and inclusion in your own gardens!

The third new bed we are currently using for our own seedlings.  In 2015, we planted seeds from approximately 100 different seed pods.  We hope to see some results from these in 2017.  More seedlings will be planted in the spring of 2016.

Subject to the weather of course, for 2016 we plan on opening our gates to visitors Fridays thru Mondays starting June 17 until August 22.  As usual, phone, internet or mail orders can be sent anytime ( Mother’s Day gift!?).  These would probably be shipped/picked up sometime during the last week of May or first week of June


Our “open to visitors” season has been changed to be more reflective of the bloom periods of the plants.  Specifically we will open the gates June 19th through to August 24th Fridays to Mondays from 9 am to 5 pm.

Should you wish to arrange for a group tour, please call or email.  We will make every effort to accommodate a preferred date but Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are our preference.  Best viewing times for the flowers are mid morning to mid afternoon.

We have ordered 48 new cultivars for 2015 arrival with hopes of having these available in 2016!

Orders are reserved on a first paid basis, and as we have some cultivars that are very limited in quantity, we would suggest that you reserve your selections as soon as possible.    If you have a preferred arrival date, please let us know and we will make every effort to meet your needs.  Should you wish to pick your plants up, let us know what your preferred pick up date would be and we will do our best to accommodate you (weather permitting of course).  In any event, we will confirm a pickup date.


In conjunction with the Communities in Bloom program for 2014, Dreamy Daylilies worked with the Chatham-Kent Horticultural Department and the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.  A number of plants were donated to those entities as well as The Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority and the communities of Dresden, Merlin, Mitchell’s Bay and Ridgetown.

In 2014 we had two groups tour the fields.  We found this very enjoyable because for hours, the general discussion was about nothing except daylilies.

We built three new beds in 2014.  One of them was populated with 36 new varieties including 13 doubles and 5 spider/UFO varieties.  Most will be available in 2015 but are very limited and as such will be offered on a single fan only basis.

Thank you, and hoping to hear from you soon!

Happy Growing,

Cathy & Giles